Dj since late 90's. Producer at Formas. Runs Minor Planet Music label.Grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started collecting records in the late nineties. He got interested in synthesisers and software and started to experiment and produce his first tracks. However, standing long hours at the decks, collecting and exploring labels became his number one activity since he was at school. In 2009, he moved to Europe. First, arrived at Barcelona where he dedicated his time to enlarge his record collection. Six years later he changed Barcelona for Berlin. After the release of his first vinyl, he got back to the studio and started a project with two friends under the name “Formas”.  His sessions are based on a carefully chosen record selection in his bag, over 15 years of clubbing experience and his never-ending dedication and desire to learn and explore through sound.


His latest project is a record label Minor Planet Music.